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"Life in Japan" Summary of Recommended Convenient Goods (Daily Necessities)

LED Light Bulb with Motion Sensor

With a motion sensor, this LED bulb automatically turns on in response to a person and automatically turns off when the person leaves. It is economical because it never forgets to turn off. However, there are E26, E17, and E11 sizes, which vary from house to house, so be sure not to make a mistake.

10 pcs set LED bulb with motion sensor E26 60 type equivalent LDR9L-H-SE25 Bulb color


Refill as is

Shampoo, conditioner, body soap, etc. can be used as refill packets without having to transfer them to bottles.

Refill Sankinbo official mail order|Product Details


Handy Wiper Stand & Carpet Cleaner Stand

The problem was that I wanted to use it quickly when I felt like it but had trouble finding a place to put it, but it can be hidden and stored behind the TV. It is compatible with the VESA standard screw holes for wall-mounted flat-screen TVs, so it will not fall out.

Carpet cleaner and handy wiper also behind the TV. | Yamazaki Jitsugyo Column Simple Life Lab.


However, with this one, as you can see in the image, the handle sticks out a bit from the top of the TV, so a rack is recommended if you are concerned about this.


Automatic curtain opener

The curtains open and close at the time set by your smartphone. This is useful for waking up in the morning as well as for security during long trips. Of course, you can also open and close the curtains manually.


Toilet paper stocker

Stylishly stores toilet paper. 12 rolls.

Easy access to toilet paper - Yamazaki Jitsugyo Column Simple Life Lab.


Balcony sandal cover

A cover to protect sandals on the balcony from dirt.

Amazon|Chopra Kogyo Veranda Sandal Cover Futaba 612160|Chopra Kogyo - Home accessories Store


Drypet Dry Keeper

Simply place it in a storage container with items you are concerned about moisture to keep them dry. It can also be used for food products.

DRYPET Drying Keeper (10g x 12 pcs.) | Dehumidifying Agent (Moisture Remover) | Product Site | Estee Co.

Amazon | bulk purchase Drypet Dehumidifier Drying Keeper Silica gel 12pcs x 2 Camera Food Desiccant Moisture Remover | Dehumidifier / Desiccant


Pen that can write on Saran Wrap

You can write what's on your rice ball and your message of support.

Pen that can write on Saran Wrap, 3 color set (red, blue, black)


kitchen quickl

It can wipe off stains in various areas of the kitchen, including the stove area, walls, cooktop, inside of microwave/refrigerator, dining table, and cupboards.

Amazon | Kitchen Quickle 10 sheets in a container x 5 sets | Kao (Kao) | Kitchen Cleaner Agent


Just warm it up and wipe it off.

You can literally just heat it up in the microwave and wipe it clean.

Amazon | Microwave Cleaning Sheets - 3 bags - Ding! Ding! Just ding and wipe - Drugstore


I hope the above is helpful. Please also see here!