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"Life in Japan 2023" Here is how to choose a hot plate and recommended manufacturers!

Hot Plate | Panasonic


From yakiniku to takoyaki, hot plates allow families and parties to enjoy a variety of dishes, but they come in a variety of sizes and plate types, with prices ranging from about 2,000 yen to 20,000 yen. Let's do a thorough research to buy the right product for your home!


Three popular combinations are the flat plate, the perforated/corrugated plate, and the takoyaki plate. Some of them have two separate plates on the left and right side, each of which can be used to cook different dishes.

The second type of plate is the "perforated/corrugated plate" used for grilling meat, etc. Depending on the product, it may be only corrugated or have holes as well. For less oil splashes and smoke, we recommend a plate with holes so that oil can fall to the bottom.


Many home appliances are designed for storage, but hotplates are inevitably large and flat. Most cupboards, kitchen boards, and under sinks have a depth of about 45cm. However, the 45cm depth is filled only by the size of the hot plate, and it is impossible to store the hot plate and the main unit in these storage spaces. Therefore, you will have to put it in the storage case that comes with the product or in the cardboard box in which it was purchased.

As for hotplates, I suggest you give up on ease of storage and buy the kind of plate you want and enjoy.


Some manufacturers claim that their heat sources are different from the norm, but as we write in the following article, we believe there is no difference.


Product Comparison Chart

Based on the above, we will focus our comparison on the following products.

  • With 3 plates above
  • One of the plates has a hole in it.

(You can scroll to the right.)

Manufacturer Panasonic Zojirushi TigeTiger
model number NF-W300 EA-GZ30 CRC-B302
Size (external dimensions) 60.9 × 35.5 × 15.2cm 54.0 × 37.5×12.0cm 53.8 × 35.8 × 12.7cm
Weight (when stored) 8.8kg 8.0kg 6kg
Power consumption 1350W 1300W 1200W
Other   With storage holder  
Price*1 16,800 yen - -

*1...Price on Amazon as of August 31, 2023.


Amazon had only Panasonic, and Rakuten and Yahoo Shopping had Zojirushi and Tiger, but all manufacturers were generally about the same price. We recommend the Panasonic NF-W300 if you want a large one, and the Zojirushi EA-GZ30 if you want a storage case.

I hope the above is helpful.