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"Life in Japan" Useful to have! Summary of recommended kitchen utensils.

Ice cream spoon and butter knife to melt and scoop with the heat of your hands

The spoon is made of aluminum, which has high thermal conductivity, and can scoop even tickle ice cream fresh out of the freezer.

Ice Cream Spoon that melts and scoops ice cream with the heat of your hand - Shellfish Official Online Store


Measuring cups that can be weighed from above

Usually you have to pour from the side of the measuring cup while looking at the scale, but this one is designed to be easily seen from both the top and side.

KHS Measuring cup 600ml from the top - Kaijirushi Official Online Store


Oil splash prevention net

Reduces oil splatter around the stove. Also useful for draining water from vegetables.

Deep Fry Cook Oil Splash Prevention Net for 24-2cm HB-4207

For 20 ~ 24 cm
For 24 ~ 28 cm


Non-contact kitchen timer

It is hygienic because it can be started/stopped without touching. Can be used even when hands are wet or dirty.

Tanita Contactless Timer Washable Type Large Screen 100 seconds White TD422WH



The bag can be used as a container as it is with the cap attached.

deLijoy Futakuru | Product Information | Kokubo Kogyosho (Household and Household Goods Manufacturer)


Butter 5g cut storage case

This container allows you to cut butter into even portions and store it in the refrigerator. It is cut with a wire so it can be cut cleanly. The amount of butter per cut varies depending on the shape of the butter, but the standard amount for 200g of butter on the market is about 5g, and for 150g of butter about 3.7g.

Butter 5g cut preservation case - Shellfish Official Online Store


Food Holder for Slicer

When slicing vegetables thinly with a slicer, you need to be careful not to cut your fingers together by mistake. This product allows you to slice safely. KITCHEN Pearl Metal Slicer Cutter, navy, W7 x D10 x H3cm, safety holder for squeezing and grabbing CC-1274


Wine vacuum pump stopper

This is a storage cap that reduces wine oxidation by venting the air inside the bottle.

KaiHouse SELECT Wine Vacuum Pump Stopper | Shellfish Official Online Store


Infrared thermometer

It can measure the temperature of oil as well as hot water without touching it.


Defrosting plate

Defrosting frozen food naturally takes time. However, by placing food on a plate made of an aluminum alloy with high thermal conductivity, the plate absorbs the cold and defrosting time is shortened. The plate differs from ordinary plates in that it has an uneven bottom to increase the surface in contact with air and improve thermal conductivity. Kinzoku Defrosting Plate, New Quickly defrosting food just by placing it on the defrosting plate.


Of course, its high thermal conductivity can be applied not only for defrosting, but also for freezing and removing rough heat. Kinzoku Defrosting Plate, New Quickly defrosting food just by placing it on the defrosting plate.


Stove Rack

It can be placed snugly in the gap between the gas table and the wall. By lifting the shelf, the main gas valve can be opened and closed.

Stove Rack|Rinnai Style | Rinnai


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