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"Life in Japan 2023" We found the manufacturer of the most efficient electric dustpan!

Electric dustpans suck up the dust collected by floor wipers and brooms. Despite their simple construction, they range widely in price from about 4,000 to 13,000 yen. To ensure that you buy the right product for your home, let's do our research!

Suction work rate

Suction work rate is a measure of the suction power of a vacuum cleaner and is written in watts (W). The higher the wattage, the greater the suction power.

Paper pack/cyclone

However, the machine does the work of separating the inhaled dust and filtering the air, which is done by the paper pack, so maintenance is naturally required. On the other hand, paper packs are simply thrown away.

Some people say that paper packs are expensive to run, unlike cyclones. However, it is much more problematic to have a clogged filter that reduces cleaning efficiency, or to have to spend time cleaning the filter with a brush. Therefore, I recommend a paper-pack electric dustpan.

Product Comparison Chart

Based on the above, we will focus our comparison on paper-pack type products.

Manufacturer CCP CB Japan
model number ZN-DP24 MR-05FC2
Suction work rate 50W 100W
size 311 × 136 × 102mm 200 × 200 × 300mm
weight 1.4kg 2kg
Price* 3,864 yen 11,911 yen

*...prices on Amazon as of September 10, 2023.


At first glance, it would appear that the CBJ has a better suction work rate, but there is a structural problem. This is a reversal of what we said at the beginning, because suction power cannot be measured only by the amount of airflow that is sucked in.

It is easy to understand by analogy with a vacuum cleaner. The same suction power, of course, will not be able to suck in dust if the nozzle of the vacuum cleaner is floated, right? In other words, the closer the suction port is to the floor, and the smaller the suction port, the higher the true suction power.


What about the products of the two companies in this case?


Electric dustpan [ZN-DP24]|CCP Co.

CB Japan


The CBJ has its suction port at the back, while the CCP has a narrower suction port, closer to the floor, right? From this point, we can assume that the true suction power is stronger in CCP. It is also convenient that the flooring wiper automatically sucks in when it touches the switch next to the entrance, as shown in the previous photo.

Therefore, we recommend CCP's ZN-DP24, which is inexpensive and compact. I hope the above will be helpful.