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"Life in Japan" Useful to have! Summary of recommended stationery and office supplies

Cardboard cutter

This cutter can be used for a wide range of tasks from unpacking cardboard boxes to cutting single sheets of magazines and newspapers. Midori's product is compact and round, making it easy to store. The blades can also be replaced, making them eco-friendly.

Corrugated Cardboard Cutter Black A (35409006)


When the flat side of the main unit is placed horizontally, only one sheet of copy paper can be cut.

Corrugated Cardboard Cutter Black A (35409006)


It contains magnets so it can be attached to refrigerators and metal desks and doors.

Corrugated Cardboard Cutter Black A (35409006)


Portable Scissors

The blade can be stored in the main body, so it can be compactly carried in a pen case.

Portable scissors "Saxa poche"|KOKUYO Stationery


peelable marker

This tape-type line marker allows you to draw lines more easily than ever before, without worrying about ink stains or erasability because it is made of film. The lines can be drawn straight and even, and unneeded lines can be peeled off to keep the paper clean.

AAmazon | KANMIDO Fusen peel-off marker COLOR Green HM-1001 | Stationery & Office Supplies | Stationery & Office Supplies


PENtONE (Pen-shaped post-it)

Roll-type film labels with built-in labels in a pen-size case, so that the pen case is not bulky.

Pentone | Kanmido


My stuff tag

This post-it can be used not only as a normal memo, but can also be attached to PET bottles and other items that easily peel off post-it.

opini my stuff tag | shiachi-hata official store


burr (soft adhesive)

Postings can be attached to the wall without using thumbtacks or tape, so photos, posters, etc. will not be damaged. Also, since the amount and shape can be freely changed, small items can be fixed to desks, etc.

Soft adhesive that can be used over and over again - Crickets|KOKUYO Stationery


Label writer made with a smartphone

The app makes it easy to design. There are a wide variety of fonts, pictograms, and frames, so you can create the perfect label for any occasion.



stapler without a needle

Since there is no needle, there is no need to worry about injury, and it also eliminates the need to refill needles. It is certainly not as strong, but it can bind up to 10 sheets. There are two types of needle-less staplers

1: Fold and close type (up to about 10 sheets)

  • Many sheets to be bound
  • hard to miss

Handy 10-sheet type|Needle-less stapler harinax|Product Information|KOKUYO STATIONERY


2: Crimp and Bind type (up to about 5 sheets)

  • Can be neatly removed when you want to remove it.
  • bulky

Handy Press|Needle-less Stapler harinax|Product Information|KOKUYO Stationery harinax


Privacy Stamp

Plus products are easy to hold and the rotor type makes it easy to erase characters printed over a wide area. The ink can be replaced with ink sold separately.

Roller Kessipon Stick|Privacy Stamp "Kessipon"|Security Products|Products|PLUS Stationery


Laptop & Tablet & Book Stand

Sanwa Direct's product supports up to a 15.6-inch laptop computer, and can also hold a tablet, books, and documents.

Notebook Stand (Data Holder, Book Stand, Book Stand, Tablet Stand, Angle Adjustment 6 Levels) 200-DH006BK


I hope the above is helpful. Please also see here!