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"Life in Japan 2023" How to choose an electric pressure cooker and recommended manufacturers!

Electric pressure cooker COK-A220 - TIGER

An electric pressure cooker is one of the time-saving appliances. By sealing the lid, the pressure inside the pot is increased, allowing cooking at a higher temperature than usual. This is a special appliance designed for those who seek fast and tasty cooking. There are few single-function products, and prices range from 15,000 to 30,000 yen. To buy the right product for your home, do your research carefully!

Types of pressure cookers

There are two types of pressure cookers: regular pressure cookers, which are directly over heat, and electric pressure cookers. Ordinary pressure cookers are compact and inexpensive, and the advantage is that the heat level can be finely adjusted to one's own preference.

However, pressure cookers are dangerous because they create a high-pressure, high-temperature environment, and among these, ordinary pressure cookers, in which the heat is adjusted by the user, are particularly dangerous. In fact, 231 accidents related to pressure cookers were reported by March 2021, and about 90% of them occurred in ordinary pressure cookers.

Use pressure cookers safely and correctly! -Be careful not to overfill, cleaning the lid is important- Consumer Affairs Agency


In this regard, with electric pressure cookers, once the ingredients are added according to the recipe published by the manufacturer or other company, all you have to do is press the switch. It is very safe as long as you do not overfill the ingredients and follow the recipe (manual operation is also possible).

Number of modes and automatic menus

First, regarding modes, many manufacturers' electric pressure cookers offer various modes other than pressure cooking, such as cooking rice, cooking without water, cooking at low temperatures, and steaming, which makes it easy to cook authentic dishes.

Next, regarding automatic menus, automatic menus are settings that are programmed to cook at the most appropriate heat (temperature), pressure, etc. for a particular dish. A specific dish does not mean that only one dish is supported; a single setting may support multiple dishes. Of course, automatic menus are often popular dishes, such as stewed pork chops.

What makes the most difference is the type of mode and the number of automatic menus. Many other cooking appliances, such as microwave ovens, also have automatic menus, but many people have never used them.

However, when it comes to electric pressure cookers, these modes and automatic menus are important. Make sure to check in advance how the number of modes and automatic menus differ among manufacturers and models.

It varies from manufacturer to manufacturer, but most manufacturers have around 20 automatic menus and well over 100 official recipes. Of course, there are also many electric pressure cooker recipes published by non-makers on the Internet, so the possibilities are endless.

Other Functions

  • With the reservation function, you can even set it to be completed in half a day.
  • If the product can automatically keep food warm after cooking, you can enjoy hot food without having to reheat it.



Product Comparison Chart

Based on the above, we would like to compare products. Since even inexpensive manufacturers such as IRIS OYAMA have automatic menus, we will compare products with automatic menus, picking up the product with the middle capacity among all manufacturers, or in the case of two types, the one with a cooking capacity closer to 2L. The 2L cooking capacity is a size that can make curry for 4-5 people and is also easy to store. (You can scroll to the right.)

Manufacturer Tiger Iris Oyama Panasonic Panasonic
model number COK-A220 KPC-REMA3-W NF-PC400 SR-MP300
auto menu 41 15 20 7
rice cooking
cooking without water
low-temperature cooking ○ (2-step temperature setting) ○ (2-step temperature setting)
steaming and cooking  
high speed      
heat insulation
Water capacity 2.2L 3.0L 3.9L 3.0L
Cooking capacity 1.4L 2.0L 2.6L 2.0L
size 28.1 × 27.4 × 22.6cm 30.0 × 28.0 × 28.6cm 34.0 × 27.4 × 26.2cm 29.2 × 27.8 × 27.0cm
weight 3.6kg 4.0kg 4.2kg 3.6 kg
Power consumption 650W 700W 800W 700W
Price*1 17,640 yen 16,800 yen 23,909 yen 16,783 yen

*1...Price on Amazon as of August 31, 2023.


Based on the number of cooking modes and automatic menus, we recommend Tiger's COK-A220 for high performance, and Iris Oyama's KPC-REMA3-W for cost-effectiveness.

I hope the above is helpful.

Iris Oyama