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"Life in Japan" I made a sunshade for the balcony of a rental apartment with an awning from Daiso!

Good news for houses where the sunlight from the windows makes the room adjacent to the veranda as hot as a plastic greenhouse! This time, we will show you how to block such sunlight with a total of 700 yen of Daiso items!

Danger! Indoor Heat Stroke" Creeping Up

The benefits of sun protection are not limited to increased cooling efficiency. Since heat stroke occurs most often indoors, it also greatly reduces the risk of heat stroke.

Heat Stroke Information | Heat Stroke Information | Fire and Disaster Management Agency


Heat from the sun is called solar heat, and if the solar radiation hitting the glass is 1,

Ordinary glass: indoor blinds, curtains, etc.: outdoor sunshades
=0.85 : 0.6 : 0.1 ~ 0.3

This means that installing outdoor sunshades can cut heat from the sun by up to 83%!

図4 日射を「1」としたとき、室内にどれだけ侵入するか
Surprisingly Unknown Difference between "Thermal Barrier" and "Thermal Insulation": Nihon Keizai Shimbun


So what kind of sunshade is best? Among outdoor sunshades, the oldest is the SUDARE (bamboo screen).

bamboo screen - Wikipedia


While they are cool and have the feel of a Japanese house, they have the following problems

  • Each piece costs about 1,000 yen.
  • May rot in the rain or break in the wind.
  • Difficult to put away when summer is over.

Many people want to prevent this from happening more cheaply and easily, unless it is an old house or a tourist attraction.

There are many other products available, such as storm shutters and tarps, but the one I consider the most cost-effective is the 100-yen awning!


What you need

The following four items are listed below. I got all of them at Daiso this time, but I think you can find similar products at Celia and Candu. Home centers are also acceptable.

  • Awning (300 yen product) x 2
  • Awning hook (100 yen) x 1 set
  • Appropriate weights such as 1 kg dumbbells
  • About 1 meter of vinyl string

An awning is a fabric sunshade as shown in the photo. It is installed on restaurant terraces, etc. It is a Yamazen product and costs about 13,000 yen.


This time, being for home use, I bought an inexpensive Daiso product.Some articles have stated, "You can completely block heat with aluminum foil!" wrote one article. However, this makes it hot and humid because of poor ventilation, and it is also vulnerable to wind and rain.



Installation method

1: The Daiso awning is the type that attaches to the door itself. First, put the awning hooks on the outer door. (This is the black hook. It is a screw-on type, so it does not get dirty. The white sticker type hooks are from another awning that failed)



2: Hang the awning normally.



3: Attach the awning hooks to the inner door in a different way so it cannot be opened.

First, tie a cable tie around the duct. Hook the second awning to it.



4: The other side uses the same hooks as the awning on the outside door.

When the door is open, it sags down.



When closed, it functions like an awning on an outside door.



5: If this is all you do, the lower part of the awning will flutter. However, if it is fixed, it cannot be rolled up when you want to let sunlight in, so we have to get creative. First, tie vinyl tape to both ends of the awning on the inner door, and put an appropriate weight between the tape and the awning. I use dumbbells from Daiso.



6: The awnings on the outside doors are lengthened with vinyl string and then hooked.



Above. We hope that awnings will spread to more homes, not only to save on electricity bills, but also to prevent heat stroke. Please give it a try before the rainy season opens and it gets really hot! In addition, I bought two colors, and the green one was cooler on the windows.

See also! To sum up, buying an expensive fan/circulator will not do as much good as you might expect.