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"Life in Japan" I have three years of experience in wheeled transportation, and I would like to recommend a wheeled bag!

The first wheeled bag I bought was a TIOGA cocoon.



At first I thought it would be nice to be able to walk without removing the rear wheel, but then I realized it would get in the way on the train.

Amazon | TIOGA Cocoon Pouch Type Black BAR02800 | TIOGA | Bicycle


Other points of concern included the following

  • Heavy to carry in a bag.
  • Too big to fit in a bottle case.
  • The bag is tight and hard to put away.

Since all manufacturers simply tie them up with tape and cover them with cloth, and their basic functionality is the same, we looked for the following two important points.

  • compact
  • cloth is durable

So we finally arrived at this one, the Compact Rinko Bag from Montbell!



Compared to TIOGA's Cocoon, the size is completely different. It is large enough to easily fit in a bottle cage, which is helpful when you want to reduce the amount of luggage you carry on your back.



The weights are also twice as different. While Tioga weighs 477g,



Montbell is 224g.



You can't tell how strong the fabric is until you keep using it, but it has been wheeled at least 10 times.

It will definitely make wheeling more fun! Why don't you all replace your bags with Montbell's Compact Rinko Bags?


For longer use, we recommend buying a chain cover and sprocket cover as well; the two together cost about 1,000 yen, which is quite inexpensive.


You can also buy a chain hanger to prevent the dangling chain from hitting the frame. These are also inexpensive at about 200 yen.


I hope the above is helpful.