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"Life in Japan" I have tried 8 different hay fever medications, and here are some of the most important ones that work!

Allelock, Xyzal, Vilanoa, Desirex, Lupafin... I have continued to try various medications from over-the-counter to new drugs, and here are the hay fever medications that I am experiencing the most success with!

clinical (drug) history

I developed cedar pollinosis at the age of 15. My nasal symptoms were particularly severe, and when combined with lack of sleep and poor physical condition, I would sneeze and have a runny nose all day long. So I tried various medications to find out which antihistamine was right for me.

Allegra (main ingredient: fexofenadine) and Allelock (olopatadine) in 2000

At first I was taking Allegra, but it didn't work at all, and when I requested a stronger drug, I was prescribed Allelock. However, it was too strong and I almost fell asleep many times, even though I was in the middle of cheering for club activities standing up in the middle of summer.

It was too strong, so I divided the pill into four pieces and adjusted the dosage. I was nicknamed "drug dealer" when I left the broken pieces of pills on my desk. Sometimes I would get into fights with my friends because they were jokingly paying me for the pieces of pills.

2010 Xyzal (Lepocetirizine)

No side effects but not very effective. I continued with this drug because Allelock was too sleepy.

2016 Desertrex (desloratadine), Vilanoa (bilastine), epinastine hydrochloride (same as product name); 2017 Lupafine (lupatadine fumarate)

No side effects but not very effective, so I went back to Zyzal.

New drugs are expensive even though the effectiveness is unsatisfactory, and Zyzal costs 96 yen, or 32 yen even at 30%. In addition, the consultation fee and the long waiting time between consultation and prescription are also burdensome.

Hay Fever Season Arrives...Two New Anti-Allergic Drugs Introduced, and OTC Products Also Available - Market Share Battle Intensifies



When I entered the workforce and went to the dentist at the new place I moved to with a sniffle, he said, "This medicine is the best one! The doctor has hay fever too, but just one pill of this medicine will stop my runny nose! He recommended a rhinitis medicine made by a pharmaceutical company called Kunihiro.

The ingredients are as follows: d-chlorpheniramine maleate, which appears to be an antihistamine.



I honestly thought, "Of course drugs prescribed through a pharmacist are stronger," and "Of course the newest drugs are better." I thought. However, I decided to try Kunihiro's rhinitis medicine because of its low price, 663 yen for 48 pills, or about 14 yen per pill, and I took it. Then, from the next day, I had no runny nose at all!

Usually people take 2 pills, but as my dentist said, the medicinal effect is so strong that it makes me lightheaded and drowsy, so I limit myself to 1 ~ 1.5 pills. Even if I get side effects, they are not as bad as with the previous drugs that did not make me drowsy but had a weak effect.

I repeatedly asked the ENT doctor, "Is there any other medicine?" and I was told by my ENT doctor that there was "no more medicine to try" and I kept being given Zyzal, but my "dentist" recommended the appropriate medicine. This is unfortunate, but I am glad I found a very good medication as a result.

I hope the above is helpful.