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"Life in Japan 2023" I put a sunshade from Nitori on the balcony of a rented apartment!

Last time I added an awning from Daiso, and this time I bought a water repellent sunshade from Nitori!


As described in detail in a previous article, installing sunshades on the outside rather than the inside of windows can cut heat from the sun by up to 83%, greatly reducing indoor temperatures, where heat stroke occurs most often.


Here is what you need.

Water-repellent sun shade


Sash mounting hooks for shades *When the screen door is not moved


Strong double-sided tape hooks *If moving the screen door


(if necessary) washcloths for keeping the sunshade up


(if necessary) Dumbbells or other weights



Now let's proceed with the installation. If you do not move the screen door, we recommend this hook for physically fixing the screen door, which is about 200 yen cheaper and has none of the disadvantages of adhesive tape, which may peel off or is somewhat inconvenient to peel off.


The screen door is secured from above.


The other side is secured from below. The reason why this is limited to cases where the screen door is not moved is because of the hooks that are installed in this frame.


Both ends and two hooks about 56 cm apart are almost even as shown in the image.



Next, attach the hooks to the one that moves the screen door. Of course, the strong adhesive tape cannot be peeled off, so mark the place to be affixed with tape or other means so that you can see where to affix it beforehand. Then, clean the area where the strong adhesive tape is to be attached with neutral detergent and dry it before attaching the hooks.


It goes like this.


Below, Daiso dumbbells and sunshade are connected with ties and S-hooks. Blocks or anything with some weight would be good.


Of course, four 1.5-meter strings are also included, so if you have a place where you can fix them, you can use the strings.


When you want to raise the sunshade, wrap it around and then secure it with a large washcloth.


I hope the above is helpful. Please also see here! Just to conclude first, buying an expensive fan/circulator is not as effective as you might expect.