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"Life in Japan 2023" We have found the manufacturer of the most efficient clothes dryer!

In our previous article on washing machines, we said, "Vertical washing machines are recommended because washing clothes with water-saving features like drum-type washing machines can easily cause wrinkles and encourage stains to reattach. And the drying function of a separate clothes dryer is better than the drying function of a vertical washing machine". This time, we will talk about that clothes dryer.


I use my clothes dryer because hanging clothes outside can be painful with UV rays if it is sunny, and hanging clothes inside can be humid and a little smelly. With a family, I use it more often.

Product Comparison Chart

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Manufacturer Hitachi Panasonic Sharp Toshiba
model number DE-N50,60HV NH-D503,603 KD-60C ED-458,608
course 10 9 9 9
feature With air drying

Door can be opened from either side.

With air drying nothing in particular
Price* (6 kg drying capacity) 73,954 yen 62,800 yen 65,555 yen 55,900 yen

*...prices on Amazon as of January 1, 2023.


The difference did not open up more differences between manufacturers, partly because it is more single-functional than a washing machine. I mentioned air drying as a feature, but if you don't want to use warm air, you could just hang it on a hanger and dry it with an electric fan or a circulator. If you want something highly functional, we recommend the Hitachi DE-N50HV or DE-N60HV, and if you want something inexpensive, we recommend the Toshiba ED-458 or ED-608. (I will paste my recommendations for fans and circulators at the end of this article.)

Before I go any further, I would like to say that no matter which manufacturer you buy, you should clean the filter regularly, because it accumulates dust that cannot be compared to a washing machine. I hope the above was helpful.

*A separate stand is required to use a clothes dryer. Depending on the washing machine you have, some stands are compatible and some are not. Please check with the manufacturer or distributor before purchasing a stand.

Hitachi (5kg)


Hitachi (6kg)


Toshiba (4.5kg)


Toshiba (6kg)


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