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"Life in Japan 2023" Recommended toothbrushes, toothpaste, toothpicks, lint, and mouthwash!

This is an introduction of dental goods specified by my favorite dentist who recommended Kunihiro's Rhinitis Pill A, the hay fever medicine I wrote about before, to me.


It is a toothbrush called "Tuft 24" by a company called Oral Care. I wondered if I should get one with a jagged or bumpy tip so that I can brush between teeth, or one with a thin tip so that I can get deep into the gums, but I was told that a flat one is better.

I am told to replace the bristles in 2 weeks as they lose their firmness. (They do indeed get softer.)

I have not had a single cavity since I was given an improved method of brushing my teeth without the use of an electric toothbrush.


Feature 1: Gentle on teeth and gums

The difference from other dental toothbrushes is obvious when you compare the "tip" of the bristles. The tip of each bristle is smoothly cut to remove stains without damaging teeth and gums.


Feature 2: Firm firmness to scrape off plaque

In order to properly remove stains from teeth, the bristles of a toothbrush need to have the strength to return to their original position. This force gradually weakens as the bristles become moist, but not with Tuft24! Because it is made of a special PBT material that drains well, it retains its firmness better than ordinary toothbrushes.


Feature 3: Density of bristles for better brushing effect

Compared to a typical 3-row brush, this brush has many more bristles. The bristles are flexible and can effectively remove stains. The height of the bristles is flat, so the tip of the bristles can be applied evenly to the teeth.


Feature 4: Six types of hardness to choose from according to symptoms

In this age of prescription toothbrushes, the ability to choose the toothbrush that best suits your symptoms and brushing pressure is a major attraction of Taft 24.


By the way, I use S for the hardness because I am a strong brusher and my gums are easily damaged.


There are also small toothbrushes for children.


I also use a point toothbrush from the same company for areas where it is difficult to get a toothbrush, such as the side of the first back tooth.



Clinica Advantage contains 1450 ppm fluoride, the maximum allowed by law. And it is inexpensive.


I use the chemicals recommended here to see if plaque remains on my teeth.



Gum Dental Rinse Regular was recommended.


Non-alcoholic is recommended for those who are sensitive to alcohol.



Only for the threading, the doctor has not specified any particular product, but I use Kobayashi Pharmaceutical's threading.


How to Choose a Dentist

There are many ways to choose, but I chose the following.

  • Not in front of a station (because in front of a station, you need to make more money for rent. (Because some doctors do not need treatment for money.)
  • The website includes case studies of surgeries that have been performed.
  • PMTC is available.
  • They not only verbally point out the presence of cavities and plaque, but also instruct you on how to brush your teeth.
  • They take the time to explain things properly.

I hope the above is helpful.