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"Life in Japan 2023" We found the manufacturer of the most efficient shoe dryer!

Shoe dryers are used to dry shoes that are easily moistened by sweat or rain. Some people may use a futon dryer as a substitute, but dedicated shoe dryers have a leather shoe mode and are very convenient. There are several manufacturers, so let's take a closer look at the differences between them!

way of drying

Some may be sold with only heat as well as those that produce hot air. We recommend those that produce hot air, although they will cost more for electricity.


Since this is one of the most difficult appliances to place, it is convenient if it is a size that fits inside a shoe box.


Twinbird has only standard and leather shoe modes, but Iris Oyama also has a low-noise mode, so you can dry your shoes according to the situation.

Furthermore, since the hose of the Iris Oyama can be extended, it can be used in various ways, such as drying long boots or drying shoe boxes, in addition to inserting shoes as they are.


Amazon | Shoe Dryer Brown SD-4546BR | TWINBIRD


Iris Oyama

IRIS OHYAMA Shoe Dryer Double Nozzle SD-C1-W



Sterilization and deodorization function by ozone

Two types of products are available from Iris Oyama: products with hot air only and products with a function to generate ozone. However, ozone is dangerous to the human body due to its strong oxidizing power, and is also a cause of air pollution. For this reason, this blog does not recommend products with ozone generation functions. To learn more about ozone, please see this article.


Product Comparison Chart

The major manufacturers that sell hot-air-producing products are as follows

Manufacturer Iris Oyama Twinbird
model number SD-C1 SD-4546BR
Power consumption 215W (standard mode) In standard mode: 150W, in leather shoe mode: 135W
Dimensions W 137 x D 101 x H 289mm W 150 x D 90 x H 220mm
weight 750 g 670 g
Price* 4,980 yen 2,918 yen

*...prices on Amazon as of December 29, 2022.


We recommend the Iris Oyama SD-C1, which is a little larger, but has a convenient hose as well as a larger and more powerful wattage. If you prefer a smaller one due to shoebox size issues, or if you want to spend a little less, we recommend Twinbird's SD-4546BR.

I hope the above is helpful.