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"Life in Japan 2023" How to choose a gas fan heater and recommended manufacturers!

*Unless you are in a location where there is no electrical outlet or you exceed the maximum usable wattage limit, we recommend that you use electric heating equipment instead of oil- or gas-fueled heating equipment. For more information, please see this article.

Difference between stove and fan heater

Before I get to the point, let me explain.

A stove does not have a fan, so heat is transmitted widely and close together. Fan heaters, however, have fans, so heat is transmitted narrowly and far.

Also, while stoves do not require an outlet, fan heaters do. Please select the product that best suits your environment.


Some products are equipped with a function that operates on low flame when no one is present for a certain period of time and automatically extinguishes the fire when no one is present for an extended period of time. (The time it takes for the fire to go into low flame operation and the time it takes for the fire to be extinguished varies depending on the manufacturer.)

Deluxe Type | Living Rooms | Noritsu


safety device

The standstill safety device, incomplete combustion prevention device, overheat prevention device, safety device in case of power failure, gas shutoff device in case of tip-over, overcurrent protection device, and 3, 5, and 8-hour forget-to-turn-off timers were installed in all of the models I checked.

Product Comparison Chart

The first premise is that no one except Noritsu and Rinnai seems to manufacture gas fan heaters in Japan.


Since it greatly improves convenience and safety, our blog wanted to compare products with motion sensors. However, the motion sensors were only available on Noritsu products.

Prior to that, the only Rinnai products available are those with Plasmacluster or those that also have a built-in electric heater. The details are written in the following article, but the paper states that Plasmacluster/Nano-e had no sterilizing effect as a result of experiments. Therefore, Panasonic and Sharp products with these functions are omitted from the comparison.


Ozone is also dangerous to the human body due to its strong oxidizing power. It is also a cause of air pollution.


Based on the above, this blog believes that you should not buy products that claim plasmacluster or nano-e effects or air purification effects, and therefore recommends Noritsu, which remains.

Manufacturer Noritsu Noritsu Noritsu Noritsu
model number GFH-4006D GFH-2406S GFH-4006S GFH-5803S
Number of supported tatami mats
(Wooden structure)
11 7 11 15
Number of supported tatami mats
15 9 15 21
Photosensors - - -
Dimensions W 455 x D 158 (leg 179) x H 432mm W 410 x D 128 (leg 148) x H 370mm W 455 x D 158 (leg 179) x H 435mm W 520 x D 175 (leg 180) x H 448mm
weight 7.5 kg 5.4 kg 7.2 kg 8.7 kg
Price* - - 21,200 yen 48,000 yen

*...prices on Amazon as of December 29, 2022.


The two models that were not sold on Amazon were the GFH-4006D at 49,000 yen and the GFH-2406S at 20,900 yen on Rakuten.

I hope the above is helpful.

With sensor: For 11 tatami-mat wooden construction, for 15 tatami-mat concrete construction (W 455 x D 158 (leg 179) x H 432 mm, W 7.5 kg)


Without sensor: For 7 tatami-mat wooden construction, for 9 tatami-mat concrete construction (W 410 x D 128 (leg 148) x H 370 mm, W 5.4 kg)


Without sensor: For 11 tatami-mat wooden construction, for 15 tatami-mat concrete construction (W 455 x D 158 (leg 179) x H 435 mm, W 7.2 kg)


Without sensor: For 15 tatami-mat wooden construction, for 21 tatami-mat concrete construction (W 520 x D 175 (leg 180) x H 448 mm, W 8.7 kg)