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"Life in Japan 2023" How to choose an oil stove and recommended manufacturers!

*Unless you are in a location where there is no electrical outlet or you exceed the maximum usable wattage limit, we recommend that you use electric heating equipment instead of oil- or gas-fueled heating equipment. For more information, please see this article.

Difference between stove and fan heater

Before I get to the point, let me explain.

Stoves do not have fans, so heat is transmitted widely and close together, whereas fan heaters have fans, so heat is transmitted narrowly and far apart.

Also, while stoves do not require an outlet, fan heaters do. Please select the product that best suits your environment.

way of warming

There are two types: a type that warms only the front (so-called reflective (radiation) type) and a type that warms in all directions (so-called convection type).

The type that heats only the front of the tank is often more sophisticated, and the tank can be removed, making it more convenient. On the other hand, the omni-directional heating type is often lighter in weight, so if you choose a small one, it can be used for camping and other activities.

Ignition and extinguishing methods

Turning dials, pressing buttons, and pushing levers vary by manufacturer and model, but the ease of operation does not vary greatly.

Usually, batteries are required for ignition, but TOYOTOMI also sells one that does not require batteries for ignition. However, the handle needs to be turned twice, which is good for disaster situations, but a little inconvenient for everyday use.

Toyotomi Oil Stove Gurun Pa (Up to 6 tatami for wood/9 tatami for concrete) White RS-G24M(W)



Odor Control

If the stove is turned off abruptly, unburned gases remain, which can cause odors. Therefore, some stoves are equipped with a function to suppress odors as much as possible by extinguishing the stove slowly.

safety device

The mechanism to extinguish the fire when the unit is shaken was installed in all of the models I checked. Also, although sold separately, I recommend adding a stove guard if necessary to physically protect babies and other children.

Product Comparison Chart

The following two companies were the two main manufacturers of oil stoves. The specifications listed are for products that are considered to be the mainstay of each manufacturer. (Information as of December 26, 2022)

Warms only the front part of the body (so-called reflective type)
Manufacturer corona Toyotomi
Supported tatami mats (wooden) 7,8,9,10 tatami mats 6,8,8 tatami mats
Supported tatami mats (concrete) 9,10,13,13 tatami mats 8,10,11 tatami mats
oil tank
Odor Control
feature Fueling without getting hands dirty No spillage even if the tank is knocked over
Price 25,000 ~ 40,000 yen 13,000 ~ 18,000 yen
Omni-directional heating type (so-called convection type)
Manufacturer corona Toyotomi
Supported tatami mats (wooden) 13,17 tatami mats 7,17 tatami mats
Supported tatami mats (concrete) 18,23 tatami mats 9,24 tatami mats
oil tank × ×
Odor Control ×
feature nothing in particular Hard to spill even if the main unit is knocked over
Price 35,000 yen 35,000 yen


Since it is a primitive system, there were no major differences among manufacturers.

As for the frontal heating type, TOYOTOMI's feature of "no spillage even if the tank is knocked over" is certainly important, but Corona's feature of "easy to unscrew the tank when refueling" is more useful in daily use. However, Corona's feature of being able to "easily pull the plug out of the tank when refueling without getting your hands dirty" is more useful on a daily basis. Therefore, although the price is higher, Corona is recommended for the type of oil heater that heats only the front part of the house.

SX Series|Portable Oil Stove|Corona Corporation


Regarding the omni-directional heating type, we recommend the TOYOTOMI for those who have the right number of tatami mats, as the Korona ones are not equipped with a mechanism to extinguish the fire slowly and control odors.

I hope the above is helpful.


Only the front part is heated.

For 7 tatami wooden mats and 9 tatami concrete mats (W 452 x D 324 x H 510 mm, W 7.7 kg)


For 8 tatami wooden mats and 10 tatami concrete mats (W 452 x D 324 x H 510 mm, W 7.8 kg)


For 9 tatami wooden floor, 13 tatami concrete floor (W 618 x D 324 x H 467 mm, W 9.8 kg)


For 10 tatami-mat wooden construction, 13 tatami-mat concrete construction (452 W x 324 D x 510 H mm, 8.4 kg)


Omni-directional warming type

For 7 tatami wooden floor, 9 tatami concrete floor (W 388 x D 388 x H 474.5 mm, W 6.2 kg)


For 17 tatami wooden floor, 24 tatami concrete floor (W 482 x D 482 x H 583 mm, W 11 kg)