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"Life in Japan 2023" How to choose a home bakery and recommended manufacturers!

bread machine SD-MT4 Product List Panasonic


Home bakeries are popular because they make it easy to enjoy baking bread at home. In addition to bread, some models can also easily make pasta, udon noodles, and doughnuts. Due to such a wide range of functions, there are a variety of products ranging from a few thousand yen to tens of thousands of yen. To ensure that you buy the right product for you, let's do our research!


There are two types of bread baking machines: one that can bake one loaf of bread and one that can bake two loaves of bread, but the basic type is the one-loaf type. One bag of packaged bread sold in supermarkets = one loaf, which is 340g or more.

Automatic menu type

It may be equipped with automatic menus for making bread, pizza dough, cakes, fresh chocolate, jams, and other dishes other than bread.

Automatic yeast and ingredient feeding function

Dry yeast, which promotes fermentation, is not added at the beginning, but is added after some time has passed. In this regard, if the dry yeast is equipped with a function that automatically adds dry yeast, it will be added automatically when the timing is appropriate.

In addition, some models have a function that allows dried fruits, nuts, and other ingredients to be added at the appropriate time as well.

Burn Color Selection

Most home bakers are equipped with this feature, but the number of levels of adjustment depends on the model.

time specified

The timer is basic, but there are two types of products: those that allow you to specify how many hours after baking, and those that allow you to specify what time the baking time is. Panasonic has the latter function in all its products.



Product Comparison Chart

Since there are those who just need to be able to make basic breads and those who prefer a highly functional product, we will compare products for beginners and advanced bakers separately. (You can scroll to the right.)

Products for Beginners

Manufacturer Panasonic ZOJIRUSHI siroca MKseiko Iris Oyama Twinbird
model number SD-SB4 BB-HE10 SHB-122 HBS-100W IBM-020-B BM-EF36W
capacity 1 loaf of bread 1 loaf of bread 1 ~ 2 loaf of bread 1 loaf of bread 1 ~ 2 loaf of bread 1 ~ 1.5 loaf of bread
Automatic menu type 22 13 17 18 19 18
Automatic Yeast Feeding × × × × ×
Automatic inputs × × × × × ×
Burn Color Selection 3 types 2 types 3 types 3 types 3 types 2 types
time specified × × × × ×
Price* 26,063 yen 17,380 yen 12,248 yen - 8,545 yen 8,706 yen

*...prices on Amazon as of April 8, 2023.


Advanced Products

Manufacturer Panasonic Panasonic Panasonic ZOJIRUSHI MKseiko MKseiko siroca
model number SD-MDX4 SD-MT4 SD-BMT2000 BB-ST10 HBK-152W HBK-101P SHB-712
capacity 0.5 ~ 1 loaf of bread 0.5 ~ 1 loaf of bread 1.5 ~ 2 loaf of bread 1 loaf of bread 1 ~ 1.5 loaf of bread 0.5 ~ 1 loaf of bread 1 ~ 2 loaf of bread
Automatic menu type 43 41 40 26 32 27 29
Automatic Yeast Feeding × × ×
Automatic inputs × × ×
Burn Color Selection 3 types 3 types 3 types 2 types 3 types 3 types 3 types
time specified

× ×
Price* 45,630 yen 39,600 yen 29,250 yen 26,840 yen 24,250 yen 22,280 yen 14,960 yen

*...prices on Amazon as of April 8, 2023.


Products for Beginners

We recommend Iris Oyama's IBM-020-B, which is one of the cheapest available on Amazon and more highly functional than Twinbird. Being for beginners, it does not require an auto-fill function and has 19 automatic menus.


Advanced Products

Since you are buying this one, I assume you are planning to use it for a long period of time, so I would recommend the Panasonic, which has an automatic dry yeast and ingredient loading function and a wide variety of automatic menus. Depending on the number of people in your family and how often you will use the machine, you can choose either the SD-MT4 (0.5 to 1 loaf) or the SD-BMT2000 (1.5 to 2 loaves).

Among the automatic menus available on these two models, we recommend "Rich Pain de Mi," a dedicated program for baking moist, finely textured, soft, fresh bread, and "Ouchi-Nogami," a fresh bread-like recipe specially designed for Panasonic home bakeries and supervised by Nogami!

There are two differences between Panasonic's top-of-the-line SD-MDX4 and the SD-MT4 we recommended earlier: first, the former has bread dough, hard dough, and rich dough in its automatic menu, while the latter does not. Second, the former has a manual function that allows the selection of four levels of kneading, fermentation, and baking, respectively.


I hope the above is helpful.

0.5 ~ 1 loaf of bread
1.5 ~ 2 loaf of bread
Panasonic highest grade SD-MDX4