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"Life in Japan" We compared the accuracy of thermo-hygrometers from various manufacturers!

However, since it is difficult to find out by myself, I referred to data from the Hokkaido Consumers Association. The organization tested the following manufacturers' thermo-hygrometers for accuracy


  • TD-8181 Enpex Weather Meter Co.
  • TT-531 Tanita Corporation
  • O-206BL Dri-Tech Corporation
  • DQD-600J Casio Computer Co.
  • 8R4Z049-003 Rhythm Watch Co.
  • BC102L Seiko Clock Inc.


  • EX-2728 Enpex Weather Meter Co.
  • TT-518 Tanita Corporation
  • No. 1024-00 Sato Measuring Instrument Manufacturing Co.


At a set temperature of 20°C and humidity of 60%, both the digital and analog types were within ±1°C for temperature and ±5% for humidity, within the error range of accuracy.
Under other conditions, digital temperatures were within ±1°C. The digital humidity was within ±5% at 40% and 60%, and within ±10% at 80% and 90%. In the case of the analog type, 9 exceeded the error range of accuracy for both temperature and humidity.


In other words, it is the same no matter which manufacturer's product you buy! In this case, there is no recommendation, so just buy the design you like.

Nowadays, it seems easy to measure temperature and humidity accurately.

Reference: Digital thermo-hygrometer performance Nearly accurate in both temperature and humidity