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"Life in Japan 2023" Here is how to choose a yogurt maker and our recommendations!

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Lactobacilli have been attracting attention due to increasing health consciousness. Among them, yogurt is particularly popular because it is an easy way to consume various types of lactobacilli. Yogurt makers make it easy to make such yogurt at home, but the types of automatic menus, temperature and time settings, etc. vary greatly depending on the manufacturer. Let's look into it carefully in order to buy the right product for you!


Various papers have been written on the health benefits of lactic acid bacteria, which are found in yogurt and other products.


However, a serving of yogurt costs around 100 yen. It is somewhat expensive when you consider that you eat it every day. In this respect, it is very economical to make it at home using a yogurt maker! For a family of four, a total of 120 meals per month, the cost is estimated to be about 1 / 5.

YOGURT MAKER - Vitantonio


It is also easy to make. All you have to do is add commercial yogurt to a paper carton of milk, stir it in, set it in the unit, and wait. Note that paper carton milk must be 100% unadjusted raw milk and pasteurized at high temperature. Do not use yogurt that has fruit juice or pulp in it, as it may not harden or spoil.


Some products have automatic menus registered to make not only plain yogurt but also Caspian Sea yogurt, amazake, shio koji, etc. without detailed settings. More advanced products allow you to make a variety of fermented foods and cook at low temperatures with fine temperature and time settings.

Note, however, that the shelf life is shorter than that of commercial products.

Q. Is there a shelf life for yogurt?

As a rough guide, homemade yogurt loses its flavor after about 5 days of storage; it is best to eat it within 2 to 3 days.
Is there an expiration date for yogurt? | Yogurt Makers|Frequently Asked Questions|Support and Inquiries|Iris Oyama



Product Comparison Chart

So which manufacturer's products do we recommend? We have actually compared them! (You can scroll to the right.)

Manufacturer Vitantonio Iris
Tokyo Planning & Sales MK Precision Industries dretec
model number VYG-60 IYM-013 TKSM-020 YA-200W YM-100
auto menu
・Plain flavor × ×
・Caspian Sea × ×
・sweet half sake × ×
・salted rice malt × × ×
Time Adjustment(h) 1 ~ 99 1 ~ 48 Automatic menu only 1 ~ 48 1 ~ 48
Temperature control(℃) 25 ~ 70 25 ~ 65 Automatic menu only 25 ~ 65 25 ~ 70
weight 810 g 630 g 816 g 950 g 745 g
Price* 6,360 yen 4,480 yen 3,980 yen 3,880 yen 3,880 yen

*Prices on Amazon as of April 12, 2023.


The results show that there are different products to buy for different purposes. My recommendations are as follows

for beginners

We recommend the Iris Oyama, which has four automatic menus: plain yogurt, Caspian Sea yogurt, amazake, and shio koji, as well as temperature control.


For advanced users

We recommend Vitantonio, which can be heated for up to 99 hours and at temperatures up to 70°C.


Easiest way to make

But isn't it a hassle to sterilize, mix, and wash the mixing tools?" Many people hesitate to do this. In this regard, my method allows for a "no-wash, one-minute" process!

The first milk we use is Yotsuba milk.



I chose this one because it is 1L milk with a spout cap. However, it is more expensive than regular milk. I also like the taste of Yotsuba milk and usually buy this regardless of the yogurt maker, but if you find it expensive, choose regular milk.



Another type of yogurt to be prepared is drink-type yogurt!



You know the drill by now, don't you? All you have to do is pour this in, tighten the cap, shake it, and then set it in the yogurt maker.

R-1 yogurt is a little expensive, but if you use the same yogurt to make yogurt again, the lactic acid bacteria will gradually weaken, so try to use new yogurt as much as possible.


How to take yogurt (lactobacilli) properly

We have decided which yogurt maker to buy and have briefly explained how to make it. Then, how should we consume yogurt in order to maximize the effect of yogurt? Then, I referred to a book called "Lactobacillus Solves Everything". It is written by Dr. Toshio Goto who is a doctor.

The main points of the book can be summarized as follows.

    The easiest way to take lactobacilli is yogurt. eat it continuously for 2 weeks (preferably 200g a day), and if you do not feel much effect, eat other yogurt and find the one that suits you. Even if the effect does not appear, the taken lactobacilli are working well and the intestinal environment improves.
  • The life span of lactobacilli taken in from outside is two weeks at most. Bacteria that come in later will not live and work in the intestines for the rest of their lives, so it is necessary to take them continuously. It is better to eat yogurt after a meal so that the bacteria can reach the intestines alive. Even if they die, they become food for lactobacilli.
  • Taking different types of lactobacilli at the same time is not a problem.
  • Lactobacilli die when the temperature rises above 60 degrees Celsius.
  • You can take lactobacilli in supplements, but they may be dead.

I was wondering what the recommended seed strains are, but since you said it depends on the person, I would like to try different yogurts to find the one that works best for me.

I hope the above is helpful.