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"Life in Japan" How to choose a saddle and recommended manufacturers!

Here is the saddle I have been using. Even though it has only been about 6 months since I bought it, the synthetic leather has peeled off and sponges have come out from inside.



The inside hollow seam, which was claimed to be breathable, is also torn.



Amazon says it is genuine leather, but I think they are lying. (They are no longer selling it)



The back side also had rusted screws and staples, and the surrounding area was torn as well. Not only did it tear and look bad, but for a couple of days after it rained, my butt would get wet when I rode my bike. I decided to replace it with a new saddle because the other parts of the saddle were also tearing and looking dirty.

There are three things I felt on this saddle.

  1. If the inside is sponge (polyurethane), the cover will stretch when pressure is applied, shortening its life.
  2. That the more seams, the more likely it is to tear.
  3. That it is easy to tear when pressure is applied to one point, like a staple.



Introducing the new saddle

With this in mind, we bought the following products



This is a product of the CYCLE PRO brand from a Japanese manufacturer called Iwai Shokai, and while many products without an official website of the manufacturer, including OUTERDO, are disappointing, this brand has a solid page.


Sports saddle | gan well: Iwai Shokai


The back is also stylish, with no staple marks.



I don't think it is a sponge because there are no seams and it feels hard to press.



Actually, I bought this last July, 9 months ago, and it feels totally comfortable to sit on and does not get stuffy. And now it's in the picture below, and it's beautiful, just the letters are a little blurred.



I hope the above is helpful.