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"Life in Japan" Suits and coats can be washed at home! We have found a magic detergent for fashionable clothes!

Originally, I think suits and down clothing need to be dry cleaned, but if you use a fashionable clothes detergent, you can wash them in the washing machine, to my surprise! Among them, I use the following products.


Its effectiveness has been featured in Toyo Keizai and other publications. In addition to the degree of dirt removal, another appeal of this detergent is that it is inexpensive compared to dry cleaning.

The greatest feature of this product is that it can clean even delicate garments after only a short soaking time. The ironclad rule for washing dry-marked garments in water is to avoid moving the fabric as much as possible. Although modern washing machines are equipped with a dry course function, the vibration of the machine damages the fibers, so if you want to be gentle to your clothes, it is best to wash them by soaking and washing without even pressing them.


According to the company's estimates (as of May 2015), it costs 672 yen per pair of slacks when sent to a major dry cleaner, but when five slacks are washed in 30L of water using "Dryning", the cost is 13 yen per pair, a savings of 659 yen. For down jackets and kotatsu futons, washing one piece in 30L of water costs 64 yen, a savings of 2,036 yen and 3,186 yen, respectively.
No need for dry cleaning! The "Most Powerful Weapon" for House Washing|There is a reason why these products are so beloved! | Toyo Keizai Online | Economic News for a Better Society


Also, many people with axillary odor have hyperhidrosis, but since axillary odor is a water-based stain, it cannot be removed by dry cleaning.

In addition, underwear made of synthetic fibers tends to evaporate axillary odor, and it is difficult to remove axillary odor by dry-cleaning clothes. Therefore, it is recommended to wear underwear made of cotton fabrics and wash in cold water with detergent.
How to establish a medical policy and treatment of axillary malodor Yoshikata Inaba, Director, Inaba Clinic


I hope the above is helpful.